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Fisher Space Pen

Fisher Space Pen - AG7-ESH Astronaut Space Pen - BallPoint Pen



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Fisher Space Pen - AG7-ESH Astronaut Space Pen - BallPoint Pen



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Reference AG7-ESH

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This is the original AG7 Space Pen, with the addition of a symbolic gold tone replica Space Shuttle Emblem attached to the clip, and the engraving of the Fisher Space Pen logo and the moon landing date.

"Apollo 11 July 20, 1969"

This is the original Fisher Space Pen that was used on the Apollo 7 space mission in 1968, after 2 years of testing by NASA, and has been used on all manned space flights since then.

The design and construction of this pen has not changed in 36 years. The pen you buy today is exactly the same as the one taken to the moon in 1969. It is a heavy pen, and the weight rests reassuringly in your hand as you write. The AG7 is made from solid brass with an extremely hard chrome plating. It has a very positive and substantial feeling click mechanism. You press down on the top to extend the refill, and press the side button to retract the refill. Its special design assures you that you'll always retract the point before you slide it in your pocket. It's constructed of brass and steel components of the highest quality, and is made in the USA.

Fisher Space Pen’s Sealed Pressurized Ink Cartridge.

  • Style: Rear Click Mechanism with Side Retraction Button
  • Composition: All metal
  • Length: 5.06"
  • Width: .375"
  • Cartridges: Fisher Pressurized PR4, Black Ink, Medium Point
  • Packaging: Gift Box with Astronaut Sleeve

Each Fisher Space Pen will write upside down - at any angle, underwater, through grease, in extreme temperatures (-30 to +250 degrees F), on almost any surface, three times longer than the average pen, and of course in the gravity-free vacuum of space.

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