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25 Euro Silver/Niobium Proof - Global Warming - Austria - 2023


25 Euro Silver/Niobium Proof - Global Warming - Austria - 2023

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Human-caused temperature rise since 1850 has already passed the 1'C mark. Not that this is a new insight. Back in 2015, the Paris Agreement set the long-term goal of limiting temperature increase to 1.5ºC. But current measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are not sufficient to achieve this goal. It is feared that by 2100 there will be a temperature increase of more than 3 ºC, with catastrophic consequences for both man and nature.

On the obverse of the coin is represented a sea turtle, three faces seen in profile that are about to drink water from a tap and on the outer ring various animal species, from humans to fish, up to insects.

On the reverse of the coin, on the other hand, you can see the planet Earth in melting, with the thermometer marked above the temperature of "+1.5°C" enclosed inside a clock.

Niobium&Silver Proof Coin

  • Weight g. 16,50 (Silver g. 9 / Niobium g. 6,5)
  • Diameter mm. 34,00
  • Silver 900/1000
  • Niobium 99,7
  • Mintage 65.000 pcs

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Data sheet

Issue Year 2023
Country Austria
Quality Proof
Type of Issue Silver Coins

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