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10 Euro Silver Proof - Language of Flowers Series - "The Forget-Me-Not" - Austria - 2023


10 Euro Silver Proof - Language of Flowers Series - "The Forget-Me-Not" - Austria - 2023

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As its name implies, the forget-me-not signifies ‘remember me’ in the language of flowers. Alongside other literal meanings of its common name, the fourth flower in the "Language of Flowers" series is also a symbol of profound love, remembrance, fidelity and constancy. On top of that, each spring forget-me-nots create a delightful froth of intense blue flowers and are a particularly welcome sight when not much else is in bloom.

The coin’s reverse features imprints of three real forget-me-nots in bloom next to an ornamental side image of forget-me-nots, which is stylishly printed in colour.

The obverse shows a young woman with flowers in her long hair. In the background, the white silhouette of a head in profile is framed by a partially visible clock face, which refers to the passing of time.

Unlike many other symbolic meanings associated with flowers, those of the forget-me-not have endured – rather like the timeless love and constancy they convey.

Proof Silver coin

  • Weight g. 15,56
  • Diameter mm. 32,00
  • Silver 925/1000
  • Mintage 30.000 pcs

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Data sheet

Issue Year 2023
Country Austria
Quality Proof
Type of Issue Silver Coins

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