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5 Silver Euro BU (1/4 oz) - Bee's Waggle Dance - Austria - 2023


5 Silver Euro BU (1/4 oz) - Bee's Waggle Dance - Austria - 2023

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BU Silver coin 

The ‘round dance’, in which bees walks in a circle, turn around, then walk the same circle in the opposite direction, tells watching bees that there are flowers with pollen in the immediate vicinity of the hive. When the food source is further away, the waggle dance tells the watching bees how far it is and in which direction they can find it.

A representation of the waggle dance is shown in the background on the coin’s reverse, behind a bee in flight and above a decorative honeycomb deign. The obverse of the nine-sided coin shows the coats of arms of all the provinces of Austria.

  • Weight 1/4 oz
  • Diameter mm. 28,5
  • Fineness 925/1000
  • Mintage: 50.000 pcs

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Data sheet

Issue Year 2023
Country Austria
Quality Brillant Uncirculated
Type of Issue Silver Coins

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